Welcome to Pleasant Hill!

38 Chamberlain Road, Scarborough, ME 04074
Hours: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Daily, weather permitting

Pleasant Hill Disc Golf is independently owned and operated by the McLaughlin family who have rolled with the changes for decades. The land was originally a farm, then a lovely 9 hole traditional ball golf course for more than 40 years, and converted to Disc Golf in 2007.

This beautiful 18-hole Course is situated on 43 acres and features perfectly groomed, wide open fairways and makes great use of the trees for more technical shots. There are several holes where ponds come into play, so play it safe…or go for it! Just KEEP OUT OF PONDS!

From beginners to Pros, Pleasant Hill Disc Golf is “Fun for the whole family!”

Keep out of ponds!!

It’s as simple and as difficult as that. While we understand that it is frustrating to watch your favorite disc sink into the water, you are NOT allowed in the ponds. We hire a professional diver to come 3 times a year and he recovers more than 1,000 discs each dive. (Yes, really!) We return the discs FREE of charge. Please follow our Golden Rule and KEEP OUT OF PONDS.

There is absolutely NO jumping, swimming, diving, fishing, or entry of any kind permitted in the ponds on our Property.

Should you decide to ignore this Golden Rule, you will be banned from returning to our Course and may face charges of Trespass.

Dog policy

Your dog is welcome on the Course but not allowed inside the Clubhouse.
• Your dog must stay with you at all times on the Course.
• Your dog must not chase other animals on the property, show signs of aggression or grab discs belonging to other players.
• You agree to pick up after him/her. Please bag, tie and dispose of waste in trash cans located at every tee pad on our Course.
• You are responsible for your dog including any damage your dog may cause.
Absolutely NO dogs are to be left inside a vehicle on our Property.


Hit an ACE, Win BIG!

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Course Layout

2017 Sandbaggers Ball
Dynamic Discs Team Member Jonathan Ray returns with the DD RV and is bringing along friends Paige Ashton Pierce, Eric Oakley, Tina Stanaitis, and Zach Melton for his annual stop at Pleasant Hill Disc Golf.
  Register at DISCGOLFSCENE for the SANDBAGGERS BALL Labor Day, Monday September 4th! Then call Kristi at (207) 883-8387 or stop by the Clubhouse to register for the PRO Clinic which will be held from 5 – 7 pm. These are 2 separate events that you must pre-register for.